78 ford mustang king cobraThe King Cobra was produced only for 1978. The King Cobra was available with only the 5.0L V8 engine, and was the first Mustang to carry the 5.0 badge.The most common color was the red apple, there were about hundred thousand produced by that time.

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Teledyne Continental O-470-R S/N 83131-1-4-R 150HP 501.7 SMOH Cessna 182 Skylane - Current price: $10,000.00

Ford : Mustang Manual Transmission Solid Example Presentable and is Mechanically Sound - Current price: $6,100.00 - Auction

Ford : Ford GT conv Excellent Condition with very low miles. Only 78,000 - Current price: $12,900.00 - Auction

Volvo : Other Rare. Collector. 1966 volvo p 1800 rare collector car - Current price: $9,500.00 - Auction

Ford : Mustang KING COBRA 1978 ford mustang - Current price: $11,777.00

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